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    Standby database managed Recovery

    Hi all,

    I have a doubt in standy Database Configuration.
    We are using Oracle 8.1.6 working on windows 2000.

    The standby databse is configured to receive archivelogfiles and
    archive log files are transferred automatically. Till this is fine.

    Now if i want to put the standby database in managed recovery mode

    SQL> Recover managed standby database;

    we recive an error Archive logfile not found
    eg. Arc008.log not found
    Actually there are only upto arc007.log even in the primary db and Standby DB

    if i issue this command in the primary database after two log switches

    sql> Select max(sequence#) from v$log_history;
    output is 9

    if i issue this command in standby database i get the old number before the log switches
    sql> Select max(sequence#) from v$log_history;
    output is 7

    but the archive log files are tranferred.
    Arc008.lo and arc009.log are found in teh standby host

    but i dont think its applied automatically.

    How do you set the atandby databse to apply these logs automatically as soon as they receive them.

    Thanks and regards
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    Before you issue the the managed command you have to perform a recovery to bring the database upto the last redo log, once the standby has been mounted issue the following at the svrmgrl prompt:

    recover standby database
    recover managed standby database
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    8i has a bug with managed standby databases such that the stand by must be in managed recovery mode (as jovery mentioned) prior to restarting the primary instance.

    Should the standby lose contact with the primary under version 8i, it will not "reconnect" and transfer logs.

    1. On standby, recover managed standby database
    - This window must be left open and running at all times
    (See script below)

    2. "Bounce" (Shutdown & Startup) the primary
    - This will start the two(2) databases talking

    Below is a shell script that I wrote for one of my DB's

    sqlplus /nolog << EOF
    connect / as sysdba
    recover managed standby database;

    put this script in a file (we'll call it smr.sh) on the standby box
    execute it as follows:

    nohup smr.sh &

    This will start managed recovery as a background process and maintain the session after the invoking session disconnects (HangsUP).
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