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Thread: Oracle performace on WIN2K Vs Unix

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    Oracle performace on WIN2K Vs Unix

    Hi All,

    We are running a Client/Server application using Oracle under WIN 2K. We have around 60 concurrent users at any given time and the workload on oracle is too high.

    Our database is running very slow and due to which all users are very unhappy, specially call centre.

    We are running Oracle on dual processor server with P3-700 Mhz having 1 GB ram. We are now planning to shift to Unix or Sun server.

    In this regard I want to know if we wil get any perforamce gain by switching to UNIX/SUN server. We are using VB for our front end application development. Will there be any coding issues by switching to Oracl under UNIX/SUN

    Any help will be highly appriciated.


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    As you don't describe the type of hardware your moving to it is very difficult to say wether you will see any improvement, however, in my experience when comparing the two platforms with similar spec hardware Oracle tends to perform better on Unix.

    Also FYI you've posted this in the wrong forum.

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    Yes, in general the performance will be better if you shift to UNIX.

    For any serious database, you should run on UNIX because of its much powerful platform.

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