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Thread: PL/SQL Help

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    PL/SQL Help

    Here is my task.
    I have main table Table1 (primary key on column Col1 and no foreign key constrains in this table) which is parent for N tables TableChild1, TableChild2, TableChild3, ... TableChildN.
    These N tables aer also perents to some other tables.
    I have to create PL/SQL procedure which will clone all records from these tables from primary key Col1 = Value1 to new Value2.
    So procedure has to have signature like this :

    CloneTablesRecords(tablename VARCHAR2(30), cPrimaryKeyFrom tablename.COL1%TYPE, cPrimaryKeyTo.COL1%TYPE).

    What would be the best approach?


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    Here's my approach, I don't say it's the best ...
    Starting from the "root" table, insert records with new primary key:
    insert into tablename (primary_key, ... other columns list ...)
    select cPrimaryKeyTo, ... other columns ...
      from tablename
     where primary_key=cPrimaryKeyFrom
    In case the tablename is a variable, use Native Dynamic SQL (execute immediate command).
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