Hi All,

We are on Oracle 81730 on W2K.

Today when I executed 'list backup' command on our Production database, it shows datafiles of another database along with the production database files in the same backup set.

How is that possible?

Here is my RMAN Windows command script, which runs RMAN .rcv script daily at level 0 or 1 everyday on Production database as Target.

CALL F:\oa\proddb\8.1.7\prod.cmd
SET CUR_DATE=%DATE:~10,4%%DATE:~4,2%%DATE:~7,2%
echo set snapshot controlfile name to 'f:\oa\proddb\8.1.7\network\TRACE\PROD_snap_control.ctl'; >rmanscript01.rcv
echo run { >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo allocate channel d1 type disk; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo set limit channel d1 kbytes=4000000; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo backup >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo incremental level 1 >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo skip inaccessible >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo tag backup_PROD_lev0_D >>rmanscript01.rcv echo format 'n:\rmanbck\%%d_%CUR_DATE%_s%%s_p%%p.1db' >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo database; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo sql 'alter system archive log current'; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo backup archivelog all >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo format 'n:\rmanbck\%%d_%CUR_DATE%_s%%s_p%%p.1al' >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo ; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo release channel d1; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo } >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo allocate channel for maintenance type disk; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo change archivelog until time 'sysdate-7' delete;>>rmanscript01.rcv
echo release channel; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo resync catalog; >>rmanscript01.rcv
echo exit >>rmanscript01.rcv
rman target sys/sys3prod@prod_ded catalog rman/r$man@rmanrep @rmanscript01.rcv
log n:\rmanbck\rman.log
copy %ORACLE_HOME%\database\initPROD.ora n:\rmanbck
copy %ORACLE_HOME%\database\pwdPROD.ora n:\rmanbck

set snapshot controlfile name to
run {
allocate channel d1 type disk;
set limit channel d1 kbytes=4000000;
incremental level 1
skip inaccessible
tag backup_PROD_lev0_D
format 'n:\rmanbck\%d_20030115_s%s_p%p.1db'
sql 'alter system archive log current';
backup archivelog all
format 'n:\rmanbck\%d_20030115_s%s_p%p.1al'
release channel d1;
allocate channel for maintenance type disk;
change archivelog until time 'sysdate-7' delete;
release channel;
resync catalog;

Here is the list for your easy understanding of the problem.
You can see that the E:\ORADATA\VISDATA datafiles are from Vision and
?:\PRODDATA are from Production database.
How it is taking the datafiles from two different databases in single backupset
List of Backup Sets
Key Recid Stamp LV Set Stamp Set Count Completion Time
------- ---------- ---------- -- ---------- ---------- ----------------------
169289 175 483390782 1 483390642 178 15-JAN-03
List of Backup Pieces
Key Pc# Cp# Status Completion Time Piece Name
------- --- --- ----------- ---------------------- -----------------------
169296 1 1 AVAILABLE 15-JAN-03 N:\RMANBCK\PROD_2003011
List of Datafiles Included
File Name LV Type Ckp SCN Ckp Time
---- ------------------------------------- -- ---- ---------- ------------
6 I:\PRODDATA\ABMD01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
9 E:\ORADATA\VISDATA\AKD1.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
36 E:\ORADATA\VISDATA\FAX1.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
37 E:\ORADATA\VISDATA\FLMD1.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
45 E:\ORADATA\VISDATA\ICXD1.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
133 L:\PRODDATA\AHMX01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
137 L:\PRODDATA\AMVX01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
144 I:\PRODDATA\ASOD01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
155 L:\PRODDATA\BILX01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
168 I:\PRODDATA\CSCD01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
176 I:\PRODDATA\CSID01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
185 L:\PRODDATA\CSSX01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
186 I:\PRODDATA\CUAD01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03
193 L:\PRODDATA\CUGX01.DBF 1 Incr 155273252 15-JAN-03

Pl. help me understand this situation and also if it is a problem, how this could have happened and what should be the fix.

Thanks in Adv.