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Thread: Install Oracle 8.1.6 on OpenUnix

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    Question Install Oracle 8.1.6 on OpenUnix

    Hi everybody,

    I try to install Oracle 8.1.6 on OpenUnix with OUI. I have an error during the installation (There was a problem in accessing the staging area.Please make sure the specified value or source and destination are valid)

    What does it mean.

    Thanks a lot.

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    It means the path OUI read for the staging area is bad/does not exist. Make sure the path reflects where the CD-ROM (or from wherever) is located (/cdrom/oracle/...., not /cdrom/oracle#1/...).

    General Notes For Oracle Server - Standard Edition On UnixWare (SCO):
    Terminal Release:
    RDBMS 8.1.7 is the terminal release for this platform.
    O/S Information:

    Standard Edition is only supported on machine types that have a maxmum of 4 CPU slots in the cabinet enclosure.
    If the Server product is 64-bit then 64-bit hardware (processors) is required.
    O/S Information:

    7.0 requires O/S patch ptf7003g.
    See "Issues" for 7.1 O/S patches.
    Patches can be obtained from the public SCO ftp site.

    Do these patches apply to you?

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