I am a Sr. Oracle DBA with experince in 8i/9i / Oracle Applications (ERP) DBA with
Oracle, problem solving, systems administration, programming, project leadership experience, testing, support, web programming/administration, and consulting. Over 10 year of IT experience

I am seeking part-time or full-time position in one of these areas:

1) Oracle DBA, ERP/Applications DBA
2) Business\Systems Analysis
3) IT Mgr
4) System Administration

Oracle Experience:

* Oracle 8i and 9i DBA with 5 years DBA
(7.X-9i, 11.03-11i) and Oracle Application Server experience.

* Oracle Applications DBA 10.7 through 11i on Windows/NT, Sun Solaris, Linux
HP/UX, and AIX.
* Lead DBA on a 11.0.3 to 11i Solairs/Linux.
* Oracle DBA 7.x through 8i on Windows/NT, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, Linux and AIX.