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    FTE per Database Metric?

    Hello Everyone,

    My boss is trying to justify hiring another DBA, and management wants more justification. I have put together the usual reasons, but they want "Industry Standards", like how many Databases can one DBA manage. Or how many GB/DBA or endusers/DBA? I've never come across anything like that but does anyone out there keep these kind of stats? Or can point me to someplace that has these kind of numbers?


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    Don't think theres an 'Industry Standard' it really depends on how many/much an indivudual DBA is prepared to take on (or is capable of) it also depends on how good the intial developements where and therefore how stable the systems are.

    It also depends on what additional duties the DBA has e.g. developement work, iAS, platform support, etc.

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    I totally agree, You might have a large predictable system that requires low maintenance and a not so large one that is volatile and needs you to sleep on the server. But I'm still forced to look for some 'Magic' Metric on this....

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