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    Oracle DBA Basics

    Hi Guys

    I'm aware this may be a run of the mill, often asked question so please bear with me.
    I'm basically looking at moving into training up as an Oracle DBA. My background is 8 years of Windows Technical Support - forgive me
    I don't see a lot of future in this and I am seriously looking at moving towards an Oracle DBA as I see it as much more challenging and more likely to provide a good future.
    If anyone out there could give me a few pointers on how to get started eg. good beginner books, websites or any other relevant information I would be eternally gratefull! I have an understanding of Relational Databases, but not in the Oracle world.


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    Re: Oracle DBA Basics

    Originally posted by jboyes
    Hi Guys

    ....moving towards an Oracle DBA as I see it as much more challenging and more likely to provide a good future.....

    I don't think oracle DBA job is going to provide any secure solid future any more, there are enough dba's with experience and certs and they're on a lookout too.

    It won't be any challenging any more, I mean as a dba you'll start rusting when you'll just have to use a tool to let it tell you what to do. I think the DBA jobs are on the wane. I think you need to anticipate a little here, get some other os's experience like linux/unix etc

    You said you have an understanding of rdbms then read a concepts manual first, install the software on you different platforms and start practicing.
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    I agree with Tarry the tide is turning for the traditional DBA, in the current market place your exepected to know a lot more than just core DBA skills. A strong understanding of platforms and development technologies are also required in many roles.

    Thats without the additional flood of products such as iAS, IFS and portal which also seem to fall under the DBA realms of responsibility in many organisations.

    Good luck
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    I agree on that too. Nowadays, the market demand for Oracle DBA is not as good compare to the past 2 years.

    In my country, i have saw there's a drop on pay packet for Oracle DBA. Is not as high compare to last time.

    To keep on moving in this industry, knowing Oracle more or less will help the person on the jobs, but it depends on the person job scope.

    Things keep changing everyday, we have to prepare ourselves to adpat to this kind of environment.

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