In our project we plan to use oracle internet directory.I need the below inputs.

1.While creating an entry, where we will specify the position or node of this entry in the entry management. While creating the entry there is a option of giving an Mandatory properties and optional properties. After we have mandatory option it gives an error code :112 saying not able to add.
2.What is the advantage of login through super user while comparing with anonymous user?
3.Reset password, change password, locking user, unlocking user these are some security functionality in our project. Whether the above functionality can be implement with out coding. My question is whether above functionality will be take care by using oracle password policy.
4.In our project currently OID Server is running in client place.we have no rights to access the server.1.Whether we need to access the server for some inputs.2.Whether we need to configure some thing on server apart from starting the server.

Please help me .

Thanks & Rgrds