My boss ask for a disaster recovery plan. Every time we are down or have an error, i deal with it on the spot and i solve the problem usely fast(thanks to meta-link and dbasupport!!).

I search a lot on this subject, and people are saying how to do one, but there is no example. I never see how a disaster recovery plan is suppose to look like. Does anyone have an example, or do not mind showing there plan? I became the dba here (without certification, will take exam this year),reading lots a books and checking web site regulary like this one.

We have 7 database on 3 windows nt platform, we have oracle 8i, we do hot backup all week and friday night cold backup. We need max 2 hour down time.

Every time we have a case where we need to deal with a ora- error, i put it in our recovery plan that i started 3 month ago. like ORA-01034, TNS-12541. We take tape backup every night and keep a tape per month.

We are a small company with 12 programmors on forms/reports. Like i said when we have problem with the database, i solve the problem, but we need to start building documentation, so that when we have a realy small problem, im not the only one that could resolve it.