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Thread: can not print a reprot from the browser

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    can not print a reprot from the browser

    Plate form
    Server HP-UX 11i
    client win2000
    DB 8i
    Application server: 9iAS

    I have IE6 installed on my machine with SP1 when I want to print a report from a form the report appear properly but I can not print the report moreover on IE 5 I can print the same report , I am using IE6 because most of my reports have width more than 8 inch and in IE6 I can view the area beyond 8 inch i.e. there is a horizontal scroll bar but in IE5 I can not view it no horizontal scroll bar.

    The error message when I try to print the report is from the browser but itís have something to do with oracle report.
    An error occurred in the script on the page
    Line 1344
    Char 1
    Error: invalid procedure call or argument
    Code 0
    Do you want to continue running the script on this page
    Yes no

    If I choose yes or no nothing happen.

    So I have two problem one on IE5: no horizontal scroll bar
    And the second on IE6 can not print

    So please give me a solution for one of the problems
    Best Regards

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    If you are displaying Forms on Windows, then make sure your Forms-related settings are correct. One thing that sticks out right away is this path: URL:res://c:\winnt\system32\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg

    You are mixing UNIX and Windows path structures (the forward slash vs the back slash).

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