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    Originally posted by samdba
    Oh! I think what you are saying is 'Cumulative' or FULL backup will not require to restore all the backups between 'Fri' and failing point. Right?
    No. The backup pieces will have to be online in order for RMAN to read them.

    But, FULL backup everyday will not take much time and disk space.

    All the more reason to perform a full backup every night.

    Right now, we are taking the backup to disk as a temporary solution. Our long term plan is to use Veritas NETBACKUP for taking the backup directly to tape.
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    Good discussion - thanks to all.

    If I can add my 2c: I would NOT clear out the archivelogs as dbasupuser and marist89 suggest. Don't delete archivelogs until you have more than one copy on tape. It's worth setting up a recovery scenario and then imagining what happens when you find that part of a tape is dud (been there!).

    marist89 is right about documenting & testing. You also need to involve the end users (sorry!) to determine the acceptable level of data loss. This will determine the frequency of forcing a log switch and copying the archivelogs to a "safe" location (e.g. the standby machine).
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