Hi all,

We are on Oracle 81730 on Win2000 platform.

Until now, we were using traditional HOT/COLD and EXPORT backup strategy for backing up our production database.

We used to take Weekly COLD and EXPORT and daily HOT backup.

Our database size is around 50 GB.

Now, we cannot shutdown the database so, COLD backup is out of question.

On RMAN, we are taking level 0 (Incremental) every FRI and level 1 (Incremental differential) all remaining days. Right now, RMAN backup is stored first on the DISK and then another S/W takes it on to the tape. Daily, I have to remove RMAN backup files from the disk to free up space for new backup files.

We also take weekly FULL EXPORT in consistent mode.

I am not able to decide when the delete the Archive log files from the disk.

I seek the professional advise from other experts on what should be the ideal backup strategy for this type of environment.

Thanks in Adv.