Im trying to debug a troublesome trigger.

In my when clause im using this type of logic....

nvl(old.cust_flag, 'z') <> nvl(new.cust_flag,'z') or
nvl(old.last_updated_by, 99999) <> nvl(new.last_updated_by,99999) or


but im having problems with the date format by this i mean

nvl(old.last_update,'9999') <> nvl(new.last_update,'9999')

Table Struct

cust_flag = VARCHAR150
last_updated_by = Number 15
last_update = Date

The problem is prob the format (ie '9999) above) but im not too sure what to put in when referencing a date???

I really hope someone can help...

Thanks in Advacne to anyone who can...