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Thread: no data loss during a failover

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    Question no data loss during a failover


    How can we ensure that there is not data loss during a cluster failover ? Where can we check?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    In the database.

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    Thumbs up Date wont be lost....

    I understad your oracle system is in cluster environment with Oracle Failsafe mechanism.

    If thats true, when oracle fails over from one server on to another server, what is really happeneing is the entire orcle is shut down on source server and it comes back on the same server or it will fail over to another server depending on how FS is configured.

    When this happens no data is lost. What ever is commited before the shut down (faile over) will remain there and what ever is not commited will be lost.

    I don't see why there would be any data loss.

    Did I understand your issue correctly ?


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    Yeah.. Thanks Hidayath...

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