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Thread: Citrix with Oracle !!

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    Citrix with Oracle !!

    Is anyone using citrix server and Oracle ? Could you tell me the advantages, disadvantages and issues with the citrix server when using with Oracle database ? Any links to documentaion regarding Oracle and citrix is most welcome.


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    Citrix with Oracle works well

    We use Citrix alot for our remote users and it works quite well. Most of them are of either the dial-up or dsl connections and running Apps or a third-party app over Citrix has increased their response time. That is because the app runs on the Citrix box which is in the same cage as the Oracle server and only the results are sent back to the desktop.

    I don't know any links that would provide additional documentation, sorry.
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    only thing in citrix is youy have a virtual environment so you can spool files to the local server unless you spool it to remote location
    but i am sure this is just an option that can be switched on.
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