About opening ports for the firewall
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Thread: About opening ports for the firewall

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    About opening ports for the firewall

    Hi all,

    I'd like to know if there are any ports that I need to open besides 1521 (default port) if I need to connect through a firewall. Does Oracle only use this one port for communications or are there more that I need to open?

    Also, What is SQLnet? What does it do? Does this have to do with communicating with an Oracle server also?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Port 1521 is used by default (SQLNET/NET8). Additionally, you may change this in the listener and sqlnet configuration files.

    Refer to listener.ora & tnsnames.ora to determine which ports are in use to allow through the firewall.

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    There is not simple enough to open port 1521 on the firewall, since Windows sockets are configured to do port forwarding, which causes Oracle to receive the requests on 1521 but to reply back on random ports.

    To make the story short, read about Oracle & Firewalls from Here . You will understand how it's working and what are your options.

    Hope that helps,

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