Hello all

Sun 5.8/Oracle9.2.0.1

This is my current SGA Settings..

SQL> show sga

Total System Global Area 320308312 bytes
Fixed Size 730200 bytes
Variable Size 285212672 bytes
Database Buffers 33554432 bytes
Redo Buffers 811008 bytes

To install Oracle patch I need to increase Shared_pool_size and JAva_pool_size to atleast 150M each.

My current Shared_pool_size=117440512 and JAva_pool_size =117440512.

Now , if i inccrease both shared_pool_size and JAva_pool_size to 150M, then my Total SGA Size will be around 400MB. But init.ora file parameter shows SGA_MAX_SIZE = 320308312 bytes.

So will that be a problem, if i increase the Shared_Pool_size and Java_pool_size ?....

basically how do increase the Whole SGA Size ?....from 320MB to say 500MB ?....