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Thread: Oracle Beginer - Where to start?

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    Oracle Beginer - Where to start?

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a beginer in Oracle and I need some help.
    Actually, i need some coatching....... My future goal is to become a DBA in Oracle..... Where do I start? Good books? Software? Websites?
    Could someone direct me a little?
    Thank you in advance,
    Happy new year.
    Help pls.

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    You can buy a few books, do self reading and learn. But I wouldn't suggest that. I would suggest you take a basic fundamentals course on Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL, Architecture) and do a pilot project as a part of the course. Its much faster than self-learning. Today, Time is Money, Money is Time. So don't waste time as some Guru's may suggest self-reading. Try to escalate your knowledge at the fastest way, regardless of how you do it (that's my personal philosophy).

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    Download 9iIAS
    9i R2 db
    9i developer's suite
    there's so much to download

    Do a lot of work on the machine, try to get a good machine, make several partitions , install win2k,xp, linux, solaris on it and then install oracle on each platform and use the 9i sample shema's to excecize what you read in the books.
    Buy this book

    and download oracle pdf manuals.

    There are a lot of books selling the same stuff so don't just go buying anything on the market.

    Why i said download the other software as well is because you just cannot be a dba these days, learn what ever that you can.

    Visit frequently the , jonathan lweis's website, that's where steve adams post's his stuff and also the dbasupport forum .In my opinion these 3 people are enough to impart whatever there is to learn oracle.
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