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Thread: thumb rule on SGA SIZE

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    Hi Paddy,

    You seems to be full control of what you are supposed to do.

    So far the replies on the good subject it again pulls back the main stream in to downstream like,
    It has to decide on many issues such as number of applications residing in your server.
    Any 3rd party tool needs to be administered and in particular case.

    These are all probobalities

    In the normal circumstances it will allocate an 250MB space required for the SGA.

    But in case of application differs then your number of Processes will iimplicitly increase. So the understanding.

    As the SGA parameter shows the FIXED SIZE is not subjected for manipulation unlike the VARIABLE SIZE.

    Hence it is the general understanding that SGA parameter is depended on the size of the Database size.

    Hope I have given enough understaning for you perhaps will give you adequate THINKING before you could gop further

    Good luck in maintaining your SIZES of database(s).


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    Ya Pando,

    Tell me if you are confronted with a question..that I have a database having X GB of hard disk and Y MB/GB of RAM and having a transaction rate of Z transactions per second then what would you recomend to Increase the performance...Making no changes to the existing hardware and having no access to the server....
    Here I am not asking for a pinpointed answer...all that I m asking is an approximate estimate depending on experience...



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    Originally posted by dknight

    The large pool needs resources when you use RMAN for backups ...
    ... but only if slaves are used.
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    depends on application, OLTP, DSS?

    bind variables used?

    if OLTP are they indexed properly so we expect small number of rows returned?

    is PL/SQL used extensively?

    is MTS used?

    Number of users so I can calculate my total PGA as well

    What has size of hard disk to do with this? I can perfectly have 2TB of hd with 100gb database or 1gb? Should I think about hd size?

    RAM, imagine I have 64GB and a database in the server, shoild I put 32GB for it?

    Not always big is good

    It depends on to many factors

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    Originally posted by pando

    bind variables used?
    Very true ... SGA size depends on many factors.

    If literal SQL is all that you have in your application, increasing the SGA greatly, will cause library cache & shared pool latch contention to occur. So, better to have a small shared_pool_size of your SGA.

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