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    Originally posted by Giani
    Also Did you analyze you latest index created? if you don't that might be your problem.
    check if somebody created an index recently :
    from dba_objects
    where created=(select max(created) from dba_objects) ;
    You're right Giani, there are indexes latest created.
    The table analyzed was :
    first truncated,
    then inserted,
    analyzed (compute),
    then indexes were created,
    and finally the table was analyzed again (compute).

    The number of rows in the table is constant and wasn't growing.
    I still don't understand why the analyzed takes such a long time ...
    Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot for all your advices !

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    Dec 2001
    Another precision ...
    I've exported the table and its indexes on another database but in 8.1.7 release.
    The analyze statement on the new database takes only 8 minutes ...

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