I am working on a Oracle 8i/9i PL/SQL and SQL*Plus CHM (Compiled HTML Document) for a reference as I am getting sick of having to search through books / Oracle online documentation when I need to find a function. It's going to be akin to the documentation supplied with Microsoft's SQL Server.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in adding any parts to it. Right now I am working on a PL/SQL Reference for all statements within PL/SQL. My plan after I am done working with all the functions is to move on to SQL*Plus and Database Packages.

If anyone would be interested in contributing to the project, you can PM, IM or e-mail me. I will probably be putting a forum up for the project on my website, http://www.fuelslut.com It is NOT a porn site, it's a site for a car club.

Anyway... I'll be supplying more updates as I get further along. I tend to write most of it at work while I sell Dells.

I really need to find another job.