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    scumnt: failed to lock .....

    hpux 11x w/ E.E

    Hello. I have been having these issues for the past 2 weekends. For
    what ever reason we have been experiencing this error message with all the
    oracle instances. In some cases the database shutdown correctly but in other
    cases the instances crash. We shutdown the database via scripts. These issues
    pop up usuall during weekends and monday mornings...

    when ever cron runs this script is when we receive the error messages but
    I have run the shutdown scripts and I have not receive the same error messages.

    I have received the following error message during startup of oracle...

    Mon Dec 9 02:22:21 2002
    scumnt: failed to lock /u01/apps/oracle/product/8.1.6saitst/dbs/lkINFATST
    Mon Dec 9 02:22:21 2002
    ORA-09968: scumnt: unable to lock file
    HP-UX Error: 13: Permission denied
    Mon Dec 9 02:22:21 2002
    ORA-1102 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE MOUNT...

    Oracle recommends I upgrade from 8.1.6 base to but I dont think that will solve the problem. I have found notes that tell me nothing...

    Note 1017691.102 discusses that the possible reasob for the ora errors to occur
    is because the ORACLE_HOME location was changed. Well the ORACLE_HOME nor the
    datafiles have NOT been changed or moved! so recreating the controlfile will
    not help me..
    Note 160395.1: discusses the symptoms of why I am getting ora-1102 and is
    suggesting that I sit at my console and kill the hanging processes and that is
    not feasable since this is a production environment and I dont want to be up at
    2am when the database is suppose to come up. In a regular environment, Oracle
    should come up without errors. There has to be a way to cleanup the hanging
    processes besides performing a ps with kill....
    Note 167426.1: is for ORACLE9i and My rdbms is ver 8.1.6 + it is for a standby
    database so it doesnt even apply to my environment..
    As I have mentioned earlier that this event doesnt occur on a daily basis but

    Any ideas?

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