I need to export some specific tables from 1 database to another in Oracle 8.1.5 on Solaris 8. The source db is our production db. I don't need all the tables in our production db, since we are just moving the tables for a specific app.
I'd like to do a full export of the tables, move them to the new database, then "shutdown" access to the db from the app and do a cumulative export of any changes since the full export.
I thought I could do this with export using INCTYPE=complete on each table, then use INCTYPE=cumlative at shutdown time, but Oracle reports a EXP-00021: can only perform incremental export in Full Database mode error.
I would perfer not to export the Full database as there is tables I don't want or need. I just need to move specific tables to the new database, with a minimum of down time and be happy doing it.
Any ideas?