Okay, got a question. I am trying to decide if I want to install and setup OEM to help me manage my environment, or purchase TOAD. I have not had much of a chance to evaluate either package. I have been using OEM in a standalone mode just for its more basic functions.

I am in the processing of testing before migration to a 9i Release 2 system. I am currently planning to also setup RMAN for my backup and recovery. We are also exploring Dataguard as an alternative to replication (for disaster recovery).

I need to be able to manage my production system, dev, clones, etc. I want to be able to analzye, find log jams, tune system and queries, debug sql code and packages ( to include parameter step-throughs, etc).

The biggest thing that OEM offers me right now is FREE. We are (as many) in a little bit of a budget crunch and don't know if I can justify the $2-3K for the version of TOAD that I was looking at.