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Thread: Pinned Packages

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    Pinned Packages

    Hi All,
    I pinned some packages and cache few frequently used tables.
    At the startup the tables remained still chached, however I had to re pin the packages all over again.
    Is there any script or trigger that will automatically pin the packages at the database startup?
    Please advise
    Arsene Lupain
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    Re: Pinned Packages

    Originally posted by Ablakios
    Hi All,
    At the startup the tables remained still chached,
    Yeah the tables are created with a CACHE/NOCACH option.. it doesn't mean they are CACHED in momory, it just means in a FTS they are read into the MRU end of the Buffer Cache. As for pinning packages, I'm thinking you didn't try the SEARCH functionality on this forum. Cause i just tried "Pinning Startup" and found the following... enjoy.
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    just use a startup trigger

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