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Thread: Archive logs

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    Archive logs

    I have copied a database running in archive log mode onto another server. When starting up the database and issuing the command alter system switch logfile I find that the owner of the logs is root. Will this cause me a problem later when users are logging into the database.

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    Don't know - what are the permissions on the log files? A UNIX-based Oracle-related account should be the owner of ALL your Oracle files. "root" is a privileged account in UNIX, just as sys/system/dba-enabled accounts are in Oracle. You need to fix the ownership of your Oracle files. If you don't know how, look up the following commands:


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    No.. This will not "cause" a problem later when users log into the database as their actions in the database generate the archive logs but they have no access to the logs.

    However, Steven(Stecal) is absolutely correct. Root should NOT own the files, an "Oracle" user should own the files.

    Check the directory ownership where the logs are created. It sounds as if that directory is owned by root and has permissions where others can write to that directory...

    The "Norm" is:

    oracle:dba - 640 rw-r-----

    owner = oracle, group = dba
    Read write by oracle, read by the dba group, and nothing for others...

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    Again, based on what you provided, the answer is "don't know" - what if the permissions are 644 for root? Oracle can read, but not write. Did alter system switch logfile work or not? If the Oracle owner can write to the files, then ownership isn't necessarily a show stopper.

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