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    incompetent moderator


    i am a new member here. tried to post a couple of replies to a couple questions, but was repulsed by one of your moderators.

    if this gentleman can't accept that others might know more than he does, then in my opinion he does not desrve to moderate this, he might want to try the disney cookie monster forum.

    granted in his reply he tried to say the obvious, but we all know what he really meant, and the ego shines through his pathetic arrogant reply.

    for all he knows i could have written some of oracle's code, but arrogance to that extent is blinding to some.

    he might want to stop copying metalink, i know his type, i deal with such pathetic arrogance all day. but i doubt it, and i really don't give a flying hoot.

    have this arrogant %$#@ remove the word chink from his profile, in some countries, it is considered offensive.

    he can reply to me with anything, i can gurantee you that the fungus that lives between my toes has a better attitude than his, and knows oracle better than he does if he is unable to make the connection between locking and analyze....

    ok, you don't need me here and i don't need to be here if such incompetence moderates this forum, cheers.

    A nipple is the only intuitive interface, everything else needs a manual

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    ORA-1578 you have very very bad manner.
    You look really arrogant, yes you are the one. How can you accuse someone who's been here helping others for 2 years by copying from Metalink which is not true at all? You have too much ego, enough said. And glad you are not coming back, go away with your attitude

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    Uh, what a releief - you figured it out at the end of your lamentation: we don't need such arrogant ego here and such an arogant ego as yourself does not need to be here. So good by and good luck.

    So far you have written around 10 replies and from the couples I've read none of them was by any way usefull regarding the original question. In all of them you were only tryng to show your vast knowledge of Oracle (which isn't realy so impressive as you might think, btw), no matter if your answer was related to the original question or not (mostly not). The most funniest thing in your complaint was the remark of "copying metalink" - I'm sure you vere refering to yourself as the one who is "copying metalink". Remember the ORA-600 post and your pathetic reply about HALF DUPLEX stuff from Metalink .....?
    Jurij Modic
    ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI
    24 hours in a day .... 24 beer in a case .... coincidence?

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