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    Monitoring database logons

    Hi all,

    I would be grateful if anyone could help with this problem.
    I have a database that is accessed by many users through a third party application. If any users make changes or updates, the application provides full auditing, so I can see who changed what,when they changed it and from what terminal they made the changes.
    The problem I have is that changes can be made by someone accessing the database directly from an sql session. These cannot be recorded by the applications auditing function.
    Is there any way that Oracle can provide information on users who access the database directly and not through the application.
    I know that I can use Oracles auditing function, but I think that this will also record all access through the application as well.
    I dont need this duplication and I can also do without the additional load on the system.
    Oracle version is 8.0.6 (so I cant have logon/logoff trigger)

    Any help much appreciated.

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    In 8i, you need to set


    in the initSID.ora file.

    Auditing login attempts is initiated with the command

    audit session; and turned off with
    noaudit session;

    Hope that helps
    David Knight
    OCP DBA 8i, 9i, 10g

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