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    Question how am i know the database limits values ?

    Hi, I would like to know the value of the limits MAXLOGFILES, MAXLOGMEMBERS, etc of an existing database.
    Anybody know what is the command that I need to apply to see that information ?

    Thanks for your help

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    One way:

    alter database backup controlfile to trace;

    Go find the trace file in your udump (if specified) directory and open it.

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    Thank you very much for your answer. I thought there was some sql to check these values directly from sqlplus.

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    Okay, another way, but the results are harder to interpret:

    select TYPE,RECORDS_TOTAL from v$controlfile_record_section;
    TYPE              RECORDS_TOTAL
    ----------------- -------------
    DATABASE                      1
    CKPT PROGRESS                 1
    REDO THREAD                   1
    REDO LOG                     32
    DATAFILE                    254
    FILENAME                    319
    TABLESPACE                  254
    RESERVED1                   254
    RESERVED2                     1
    LOG HISTORY                3598
    OFFLINE RANGE               289
    ARCHIVED LOG                  3
    BACKUP SET                  303
    BACKUP PIECE                508
    BACKUP DATAFILE             523
    BACKUP REDOLOG               79
    DATAFILE COPY               509
    BACKUP CORRUPTION           276
    COPY CORRUPTION             303
    DELETED OBJECT              101
    PROXY COPY                  572
    RESERVED4                  2024
    22 rows selected.
    Only MAXLOGMEMBERS is available via x$kccdi.dimlm

    NOTE: Contents of the x$tables are not guaranteed to stay the same between releases anyway so caution should be used when referencing them.

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