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    Question 27 OCM and who else is going for it?

    Just got an e-mail blast from Oracle on the OCM.
    Now I am thinking one of two things:

    1) They need more revenue from Oracle University.
    2) This might be worth it. Its nice being one of the few.

    So is anyone else going for it??? I am thinking of preparing for the Practicum. It just seems like alot.

    The Practicum environment is on Oracle on Linux Advance Server 2.1. I find this kinda odd why not do it on Oracle 9.2?

    Oh well just wanted to see who else is pondering this Certification.
    E. Yen
    OCP DBA 8, 8i, 9i

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    Thumbs down Oracle needs to add some monetary value to this new OCM

    I am wondering this will cost you at least $6000, if you pass two days Practicum, first time. One other issue, you need to fly to Chicago, or other city in the USA.

    With current economy most of the company will not going to pay $6000 for this new OCM.

    I think this will be good for consulting business. Most of the company do not looking for whole square dba with OCM, they just want some one do one or two thing, but do it well.

    One other issue, few years back Oracle had other type of OCM. In this track, if you take certain classes from Oracle University, you receive this Certification call Oracle Master. So, how oracle will distingue between this two tracks

    Finally, Oracle needs to add some monetary value to this new OCM, without that there will not going to be more than 100 OCM, end of next year.


    ocp dba 8, 8i, & 9i

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    Helsinki. Finland

    Re: Oracle needs to add some monetary value to this new OCM

    Most companies and most DBAs don't know anything about OCM. Even OCP is something few Oracle guys have heard of.
    Oracle Certified Master
    Oracle Certified Professional 6i,8i,9i,10g,11g,12c
    email: ocp_9i@yahoo.com

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    Hi Julian:

    If it is possible, could you out line what you gone through for your OCM. What I am looking for what Oracle Courses you took and what kind of reference materials you study.

    At Practicum Environment, what type of Oracle Documentation they will provide. It is from Doc CD or PDF Book (from OTN).

    Thanks in advance

    OCP Oracle 8, 8i, 9i

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    Eric, I am tempted but I still can't justify spending that sort of cash :(

    I think I'll wait for the Oracle10i OCP upgrade then do the 10i OCM track if I fancy it.

    OCP DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g
    OCA PL/SQL Developer
    Oracle ACE Director
    My website: oracle-base.com
    My blog: oracle-base.com/blog

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