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Thread: hot backup

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    hot backup

    i try to create an oralce hot backup. The database runs in the archive mode.
    So i created a script, which takes a backup of all tablespaces and archived log files
    and Control files.

    1. Question -> It is necessary to backup the online redo log files in the hot backup process? (REDO01.log, REDO02.log, REDO03.log)
    2. Question -> After a tablespace backup (alter tablespace ts_name end backup) it is necessary to execute the "alter system checkpoint" Command?
    3. Question ->it is enough to backup the archive log files and controlfiles after a full hot backup? (Example: I take every monday a full backup
    and each day i would take a backup of the archive log files and control files only)

    I hope someone can help me to find a solution of this questions.
    bye toto

    hi pando
    today i try to recover the database. But it is not so easy :-((
    I think the best way is that I describe you the steps what i done.

    1. I change the backup script alter system checkpoint to alter system switch logfile;
    2. created the current hot backup
    3. run the db (create new users, tables..)
    4. shutdown abort;
    5. Deleted the db files, archive log files, online log files, control files
    -- Recovery process
    6. changed the entry of the Control files in the init.ora file ..\ctlxxx.ctl (this is the backuped controlfile)
    7. start the db as the internal/or user startup restrict mount
    8. execute the command: recover database;
    9. execute the command: alter database recover automatic using backup controlfile until cancel;
    I get the following message: description.doc -illustration 3
    so I dont know what I do now. I get allways this message, but i dont't have this file on my pc. This is the next archive
    log file that will be created.
    Sorry I#m a beginner with the oracle software. Have you same helpfull descriptions how to done a recovery process after a full hot backup?

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    Mobilia Salvatore

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    alter system switch logfile;

    yes but if you have to recover it probably takes ages to apply the logs, controlfile needs to be backedup if the database structure changes

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