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Thread: How To create Help Files

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    How To create Help Files

    I have developed my Oracle Project using 9iDS and now I want to create help files to give the user a proper assistant. does any one have a good idea?


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    what type of helppage are u looking for ?
    field level , screen level or consolidated ?
    if u are looking for
    1) consolidated help . just make some big pdf document or html document or use any external tool and call that file along with executable from the button
    2) screen level - just make html files with the same name as form name and call this html from when button_pressed event . reason behind keeping the html name as form name is u don't need to hard code the html file name . just pass formname parameter to teh function u use . concatenated with .html
    3) field level - i don't kno wmuch but u can use object properties , hint option ( it just displays text when pointer moves over the object ) no coding required for this .
    siva prakash

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