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    Import with Full=y

    I am trying to recreate a database with Import facility , I have exported this database with option Full=y .
    Created a database with same name with just one tablespace system and users sys and system .Created rollback segments and rollback tablespace too because it was complaining about rollback segments.

    My question is ...Is there any way that I can recreate this database completely even with out creating the initial database with system tablespace and sys & system users and rollback tablespace & rollback segments.

    All I want to execute is ...

    imp system/manager file=/backup/imp.dmp full=y log=/backup/imp.log

    Please let me know . Any suggestions also most welcome

    Thanks , san

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    Well, if you take a cold backup you can restore it. You need to have a database to recreate the schemas
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    RTFM [I think we all know what rtfm means...marist89]
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    San; As far as I know (and most would agree that ain't too far) you can only do that if you have IDENTICAL directory structures. Oracle will attempt to create the datafiles in the same EXACT directory as you export database. If the directory structure does not match then it can not create the datafiles and hence no tablespace.

    I usually try to set up the tablespaces ahead of time, makes it easier.

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