I am runnig Oracle 8.1.7 on NT4. When I created database I set charachter set to UTF8.


Ok lets move to client machines.
Let just say that I have table TEST which has one field TEXT VARCHAR2(5).
I am going to use some of our nacional charachters (Slovenia), hope you will be able to see them.

On clients the NLS_LANG parameter is set to SLOVENIAN_SLOVENIA.UTF8

I was executing this command :

insert into test values (sometext);

And results where :

If sometext was string without any our nacional charachters there is no problems.

Problem occurs if I use in sometext string charachter . For example
sometext = 'kaa'. Then I get error ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated.

What is interesting if after charachter there is an a,e,i,o,u and after that again one of our nacional charachter which is not , then insert statment exectues ok.

For example sometext = 'ka' --> 1 row created.

What I tried next is setting NLS_LANG (on client) to SLOVENIAN_SLOVENIA.EEMSWIN1250.

Then I could use all of our charachters, but (there is always but)!

It looks like that every nacional charachters now requreis two places in string. If field is VARCHAR2(10) and I try to insert string with five our charachters plus one additional (sometext = 'h') then I get message : ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column.

P.S. On server NLS_LANG must be set to UFT8, becouse clients can be in very diffent languages. (slovenian,bulgarian,english,turkish,croatian,...)