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    Concatenate data from more than 1 row?

    Hi Peers,

    Wonder if you can help? I need a query that can concatenate data from more than one row and only return a single value.

    Scenario: Our application splits long text (for example the list of Fields in a form) into chunks, with each chunk be saved in a separate row. The field list for a form called 'Main' that contains "First_Field, Second_Field, Third_Field" is split and becomes (in simplified terms)

    Form ID Fields
    ==== == ======
    Main 01 First_Field, Se
    Main 02 cond_Field, Thi
    Main 03 rd_Field
    aaaa 01 etc...
    aaaa 02 etc..
    zzzz 01 etc...
    zzzz 02 etc..
    zzzz 03 etc.
    zzzz 04 etc

    A simple query to find occurences of Form that contain 'Second_Field' fail becuase that value is split. What i'd like to do is concatenate the 3 (or more/less) values back together into a single string and use it for comparison in a where clause.

    I've heard that DECODE might help, but my knowledge of it is limited, hence the cry for help.

    Thanks in advance


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    You can use explicit cursors, contactenate them in each iteration of the Loop. What say? I am afraid whether DECODE can help to do this in a single SELECT statement.

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    This will help you.. but it has some limitations on number of records to be concatenated


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