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    Questions on Export

    Hi folks,

    When i am exporting, does oracle make use of
    1. Rollback segments
    2. Temporary segments

    and one more thing,
    Is there any way to find out the the user created tables owned by sys
    ie,.tables apart from the dictionary tables, coz when i do i a full export all the objects owned by sys user are not exported. So i need to separate all the user creatd tables and the base tables.


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    as per my knowledge

    export operation does not use rollback segments and temp segments.
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    You can use the owner="username" parameter to export all the tables for that user no mater which tablespace the table resides.

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    I would suppose that if you request a consistent export, then Exp will use rollback segments to achieve this.

    For the issue of user-created objects owned by SYS, you might consider looking at the dba_objects view, and trying something like ...

    select trunc(created), count(*) from dba_objects
    where owner='SYS'
    group by trunc(created)

    --------- ----------
    04-MAY-00 1171
    26-JUL-00 703
    01-DEC-01 102
    20-APR-02 23
    05-SEP-02 78
    13-SEP-02 6824

    Let me tell you right now that I sure do not have any user-created objects in my SYS schema, but if I did I'd expect to see "clusters" of objects outside of times when I've upgraded/patched/installed new features.
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