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    9i: LARGE_POOL_SIZE -- Dynamic?

    I'm new to Oracle and trying to understand the dynamic feature of ini parameters when it comes to memory mgmt. Oracle documentation indicates that the LARGE_POOL_SIZE param is static (http://otn.oracle.com/docs/products/...htm#REFRN10550), which I interpret to mean that the instance has to be restarted to take effect. Other sources indicate that it is dynamic. Which is it?

    In querying the V$parameter table, it indicates that this param is sys modifiable (ISSYS_MODIFIABLE=immediate), so this means it's dynamic, right? When I issue an ALTER SYSTEM cmd, I get an error indicating that I've used an invalid value, so I probably need to adjust SGA_MAX_SIZE to fix that, but it appears that this value is dynamic.

    I just want to confirm that my understanding of "dynamic" means that you don't have to restart the DB for the value to take effect, and that the Oracle documentation is incorrect. Perhaps there's a subtlety I'm not picking up.


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    As far my knowledge, large pool, log buffer and java pool - these 3 parameters are static and, shared pool and buffer cache are dynamic.

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