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    file system vs OFA standard

    Oralce has an OFA standard. Question: With modern RAID's stripping technology, do you still follow OFA to separate your tablespaces?

    For us, we are going to create one single huge file system with 1TB inside. All table, index datafiles will be created inside the same file system. The jumbo file system is supported by EMC's stripping technology. Any PROs and CONs?

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    Thie answer depends upon the number of disks in your stripe set. If there are enough disks in the stripe set, you will not experience performance degredation due to data and index tablespaces located on the same volume set. Striping may actually increase performance.

    However, the remaining components of OFA still apply
    (Naming conventions, Tablespace sizing/growth rates, backup strategies, etc...)
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    In fact, Oracle recommend Stripe and Mirror Everything (SAME) method.

    By the way, pay attention to your file system for support of Direct I/O and Asynchronous I/O.
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    One more factor would be no of disk controllers, whatever level of stripping you do, if the database is high activity you might still find disk controller becoming a bottleneck.

    I would recommend spreading high activity tablespaces across disk and disk controller for higher performance. However irrespective of disk stripping going by OFA standard still helps as mentioned in previous reply.


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    Thank you guys for comments! Yes, I agree with OFA's advantage of naming convention and "directory structure" (not necessary the file system structure).

    By the way, could somebody direct me to documentation discussing disk stripping, RAID ......? Thank you!

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    There is a white paper at

    www.Quest.com - "Implementing RAID on Oracle" by Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha
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