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Thread: Make dedicated connection to MTS database without TNSNAMES

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    Wink Make dedicated connection to MTS database without TNSNAMES

    We have a database running in MTS mode but, in order to perform a trace on a specific session, we want to connect to the database as a DEDICATED session. The problem is the client does not use TNSNAME to connect. Where can I specify the connetion mode as DEDICATED?

    Queyon Zeng

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    I am assuming you are using JDBC. Take the description of the alias from the tnsnames.ora file and put it into your JDBC Connect string. Make sure you add the (SERVER=DEDICATED). Actually, I would put an entry in your tnsnames.ora file with SERVER=DEDICATED and test it before I c&p into my java program...
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    Thanks for your reply, Marist89.
    So what if they connect to the database using DBI?

    Queyon Zeng

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    Then read the documentation of DBA to find the location of the connect string. I believe that it must have a way to modify it, just take your time.
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