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    what is oracle_home for the installation of dev6i


    I have installed oracle 8i on win98, it is now installed in the folder : oracle/ora81.

    when I begin the installation of dev6i, the following message appears :

    "the location specified is already used as an oracle home for oracle 815production, it can not be used as an oracle home for win95"

    I look in the documentation of oracle and I found this ::

    - Forms Developer 6i must reside in the default ORACLE_HOME.
    - Forms Developer 6i and its Oracle8/8i server must reside in separate ORACLE_HOMEs, although they can reside on the same physical machine.

    I don't interstand what is the DEFAULT ORACLE_HOME in my case ???
    and if it is oracle/ora81, where can I install dev6i??????

    thanks for anybody!

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    In first screen of oracle installer u have to specify :
    -- new oracle-home-name
    -- new oracle-home-path

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    Developer looks for the Oracle home name to be "DEFAULT_HOME," and for certain combinations of 8i/D2K, Developer must be installed first. There is a note on MetaLink you can look up about that problem.

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