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    Oracle Forms Message Box

    Hi Guys,

    I am developing Oracle 6i Web forms(9iAS),
    In employee screen When user clicked find button, The code is taking
    the value from employee_id field and retrieving values in to other
    fields. After retrieving values it's displaying the

    "User information retrived" message.
    message('User Information retrived');

    It's working fine but it's displaying the message at bottom in web
    forms. I want to move that message box to another position.

    Is it possible to change message box width or heigth or x,y positions?


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    U have to use ALERT object for messaging.
    More flexible and more universal.

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    Thanks Shasta,

    As you said I changed my code, Instead of Message box I used Alert.

    But Alert also displaying at the bottom of web form(At the place of message box), I want to display some more up.

    Can we set width,height,x position and y position to alert?
    If yes please let me know how to set. Thanks.


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