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Thread: daemon connections

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    daemon connections

    We discovered a bug in our system regarding our daemons running.
    We have a few daemons running for reporting, downloading etc....
    Now recently we saw that for some reason some daemons keep their connections to the DB open. We already debugged some of them but it seems we missed some. So what happens now is these daemons keep their old connections open while they create other connections. Thus not closing their old connections filling up the connections to the Oracle DB. Now a few weeks ago we got an error saying a daemon couldn't connect to the DB because the connection limit was reached. What I wanted to know now is, is there a script I can run to check which daemons are connecting, to what they are connecting, how long etc.... This way we can pinpoint the daemons keeping old connections open. Then we would be able to write a script that can be ran once in a while to close the old connections so they get freed up again.

    We are running Oracle 8.0.x on a Linux RedHat platform.

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    Better to fix your bug.
    But you can query: select * from v$session;
    and will find all you need.
    Best wishes!

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