I need to do the following things in iProcurement, need help.

1. When we go to the billing information page for non catalog
request, there is a project number feild which has a lov attachec to it, when we search for the project number in LOV we only see the project number, project name , start date.we do not see "completion date" which we want the field to be enabled , so that the
user can decide by looking at the screen what is the date range and can add the date in the "Expenditure Item Date Column".

2. When we add approvers in the approver page we see a SEQUENCE column, where we want it to show "AFTER 1" as default always rather than "BEFORE 1".Where do I change this.
3. I need to ADD the CONTINUE button on the top of each page which doing a requisition for Non Catalog Request. Right now the button is only visible in the bottom of each page , which we have to scroll down to see. Where do I go and add this new BUTTON.
4. In the "Review Charge Accounts" under BILLING we want to have an ALERT or pop box on the CONTINUE button which tells the user before he proceeds further a message " Have you modified your Account Distribution".
5. How do I default value of 1 to the price field during a recq creation in iProc screen.

Any feedback will be really appreciated.