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Thread: Weird Sqlplus performance

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    Weird Sqlplus performance

    Hi all, I've a script run on 2 seperate PCs (select statement)using SQLPLUS (same version). One took about 5 min and other one took almost 38 minutes. I'm not sure what causes this problem. Please advise. THank you

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    Too many variables here to answer.

    2 seperate pc's? Are they using 2 seperate databases?
    Could it be a network thang?
    The SQL plus cversion would be the last thing I looked at.

    I remember when this place was cool.

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    Hi, it's the same database. Thx

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    So its the same database loaded on two machines. What type of hardware, i.e. CPU/RAM/Disk space, and what OS does each machine have? What version of Oracle does each machine have, including patches? How is each SGA sized? What is the optimizer mode for each? Do you generate stats for either or both and how do you generate stats? I thnk those are the variablles that our Christmas poo is talking about.

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