DB LINK error when run PL/SQL
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Thread: DB LINK error when run PL/SQL

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    DB LINK error when run PL/SQL

    Hi All,
    I am facing error when execute the PL/SQL which I use the dblink to retrieve data from remote database.

    The error as following :
    ORA-04052 : error occurred when looking up remote object PUBLIC....
    ORA-00604 : error occurred at recursive SQL Level 1
    ORA-00372 : file 1 cannot be modified at this time
    ORA-01110 : data file 1: ....
    ORA-02062 : preceding .....

    For ur information, my global_names is set to FALSE.
    I am able use SQL statement

    for example
    SELECT ...
    FROM tab@dblink;

    This will retrieve the result I want.

    But does not work in PL/SQL

    Anyone has clue on this ? Thanks

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    I am not familiar with the problem, but I can imaging 2 things:
    1 Are you the owner of the PL/SQL you tried to perform.
    If not it may be a matter of grants.

    2 If the PL/SQL is a procedure or package
    , then it is started on the server.
    In that case the TNSNAMES on the server must also contain
    an entry of the linked-database.
    Ben de Boer

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    u might be hitting one of these .

    1) check password
    2) select * from global_name;
    check if there is any extension ??
    3) Use database link name same as GLOBAL NAME

    last option .

    4) run catlog.sql & catproc.sql on both the servers ( if there is any data migration from different versions , above srcipts will call KGLR.SQL script ) .
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    siva prakash

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    Is your DB link public/private, B'coz in your post, you said some thing,
    ORA-04052 : error occurred when looking up remote object PUBLIC....


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