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Thread: Export Error

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    Unhappy Export Error

    I'm currently trying to create a full export from a 7.3.4 database on AIX box running oslevel 4.2.

    It appears that I'm running up a against a file size constraint. The file is getting up to 1,073,741,312 about a Gig then returns EXP error. I've been able to export the single LARGE table alone with no problem so I know it's not the table that's causing the export error. Table by itself is 750M.

    I really don't want to chunk it down to multiple files since I'm planning on taking the information to Oracle 9.0.1 in Windows 2K.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Shannon,

    I think in your case pls specify the parameter commit='Y' while you import the Database..This will solve your problem.

    One more thing..if you are trying to import a 7.x.x database to a 9i one then it is advisable to first import the dmp file in 8i database. Then take an export of this and then load the 8i dmp file into the 9i database.

    Hope this helps..


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    It looks like your running into the file limit on AIX - What is the AIX limits on your user?

    Log into AIX and enter - 'ulimit -a'

    If the 'file' section of the output indicates 1Gb then get your Unix sys admin to change the max file size (I think it can be upto 2Gb on a normal aix filesystem or unlimited if the 'large files' option was specified when the filesystem was created).

    Alternatively you can take a compress export using AIX pipes (This is a little slower but does save space). This is the same as taking an export and then compressing the file. (although I'm not sure you will be able to uncompress the file on a win2k platform)

    To take a compressed export use the following :

    aix> mknod /tmp/exp_pipe p # Make the pipe
    aix> compress < /tmp/exp_pipe > export.dmp.Z & # Background compress
    aix> exp file=/tmp/exp_pipe # Export to the pipe

    Hope the above helps.

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    I'm not much aware of AIX, but you can use this concept too,

    $ /usr/bin/mkpipe exp_pipe
    $ cat exp_pipe | gzip> xxx.dmp
    $ exp userid=....... file=exp_pipe.

    This too will work for a compressed file if you have any OS limit on the file size.


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