We have a requirement to automate a data load process that is currently being launched manually. I have been looking into several options including using the OCI to make a call to SQL*Loader. We are using Oracle 8i (8.1.7) on a SUN box (Solaris 5.8).

We are looking at having a process (possibly PL/SQL) check for the existance of the raw data file (a fixed length text file). If the file exists then the process would call SQL*Loader, with associated arguments, to load the file into the database. Upon success the process would then execute additional data validation and data manipulation batch processes that are written
in PL/SQL packages.

We are still investigating options but I was hoping someone else out there has done this. Any comments are welcome. How did you do it? What did you have to do to DB parameters and OS config to get it to work? What challenges did you have? etc.


David Le Gallez
IBM Business Consulting Services