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    SQL Query

    We have a table which consist of following two fields

    Table name: Tab1
    Field1 Field3

    1 OK1

    1 OK2

    2 OK3

    2 OK4

    3 OK5

    For every Field1 value, We need to know the values of Field3 in a single row.

    Output has to be like this

    Field1 Field3(1) Field3(2)

    1 OK1 OK2

    2 OK3 OK4

    3 OK5 NULL

    Thanks In Advance


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    Your example suggests a maximum of two possible values of field3 for each field1, in which case,

    select field1,
    min_field3 field3_1,
    case when max_field3 !=min_field3 then max_field3
    else null
    end field3_2
    select field1,
    min(field3) min_field3,
    max(field3) max_field3
    from tab1
    group by field1

    The in-line view is not required, but it makes it a little clearer what is going on
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