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    how to execute a stored procedure

    I have created a procedure like this

    vc_csa_usr_id IN VARCHAR2,
    vc_file_name IN VARCHAR2,
    vc_file_desc IN VARCHAR2,
    vc_load_typ VARCHAR2,
    nu_sql_code OUT NUMBER,
    vc_sql_errm OUT VARCHAR2)

    I am trying to execute this procedure in sql*plus.
    I have tried as
    exec IBT_PKG_SML_LOAD.CALL_LOAD_ROUTINE(nu_file_control_number =>213,'admin','C:\System Testing Files\DatesTooTooMuch.xls','date fix test','SMLVALIDATION',nu_sql_code,vc_sql_errm)

    But does not work.
    I have declare the three variables before executing the procedure like
    variable nu_sql_code NUMBER;
    variable vc_sql_errm VARCHAR2;
    variable nu_file_control_number NUMBER;
    input nu_file_control_number=213;
    then executed
    exec IBT_PKG_SML_LOAD.CALL_LOAD_ROUTINE(nu_file_control_number,'admin','C:\System Testing Files\DatesTooTooMuch.xls','date fix test','SMLVALIDATION',nu_sql_code,vc_sql_errm);
    this has given error as
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 42:
    PLS-00201: identifier 'NU_FILE_CONTROL_NUMBER' must be declared
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    Can anybody help , how to execute this procedure in SQL*PLUS.

    Thanks in advace.


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    U have to know something about order of parameters.
    Try to make mapping ur call from formal to fact parameters and u
    will undestend ur error.
    Than : syntax of PL/SQL say to us:
    We can't mix positioned parameters and named parameters in free order.
    If we going to do that then:
    -- First MUST be positioned parameters
    -- Last MUST be named parameters

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